« Your fears and doubts try to hold you back and keep you small. Break free. »

« When we, as Human Beings, start living in full dominion of our own Selves, all that separates us will vanish. »

  • Graduate of Montréal’s École de technologie supérieure

  • More than 30 years in business

  • Founder and CEO of three companies

  • Author, researcher, speaker, and facilitator


Normand helps traditional companies transition toward a Conscious Organization culture.


Normand began writing to challenge, defy, and reject the stale energy that dominates many organizations in modern society.


His words come as a resounding wake-up call at a time when doctors’ offices are inundated with cases of so-called occupational illnesses caused by chronically overwhelming workloads and when discouragement, stress, and conflict are preventing traditional companies from manifesting their peak potential.


In partnership with his muse and spouse Nathalie Damphousse, Normand embarked on a quest to find betterment, happiness, and his own peak human potential. Along the way, he has explored the ins and outs of contemporary organizations, only to discover that the Human Beings within them are unprepared for the tsunami of change that will soon engulf them. In the current state of affairs, these Human Beings will find themselves virtually helpless when the dizzying changes of the new social, digital, and Internet economy come crashing in.


Normand is the guide you need along a journey you never knew you’d take. He will help you embark upon bold new paths that are currently being pursued by some of the happiest Human Beings and the bravest, most prosperous organizations. Are you ready to begin your journey?

Normand BRIEN



  • Graduate of Concordia University

  • More than 20 years in the workforce

  • 15 years of hands-on practice developing Conscious Intelligence

  • Facilitator and corporate confidante


Nathalie is co-running the boldest initiative of her life: Helping business leaders and other value creators reach a state of Being far beyond anything they’ve ever known.

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