Conscious Organizations:
All It Takes Is a Plan

  • What is the Conscious Organization culture?

  • How can we escape the status quo and adapt in order to transform our company?

  • Conscious Intelligence: The main catalyst for talent and expertise

  • Conscious Leadership: Shared, distributed, democratized

  • Dare to change how you see, do, and live


Two (2) hours



  • Dare to face and neutralize the true causes

  • Examining burnout from four different angles

  • What it is and why it happens

  • Causes of overstimulation

  • Energy-draining stressors

  • Where burnout surfaces

  • Taking responsibility: Reflecting as a group and becoming conscious as individuals

  • Paradigm shift: Observe, intercept, neutralize  

  • Brownout and boreout: Converging paths

  • Conscious Intelligence: A transformative tool

Two (2) hours

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Our program is aimed specifically at CEOs, directors, managers, supervisors, and other active leaders with a view to giving them the tools to oversee the implementation and maintenance of the new corporate culture.

Workshops are active, interactive, exploratory, and transformative, following an approach that is humane, empathetic, and respectful. 

Module 1

The Conscious Organization culture
  • Seeing, doing, and living differently: A new perspective
  • Conscious Intelligence: Demystifying this intangible force

  • Reflecting on the causes of dysfunction in relationships and organizations

  • Exploring the five fundamental forces of Conscious Intelligence as they relate to three key areas:

> The Self

>  Others

> Life’s changing circumstances

  • Introducing your “Personal Dashboard”: The best coach you’ll ever find!

Module 2

Conscious Intelligence: Practice and enrichment

Participants will have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of the concepts of Conscious Intelligence introduced in Module 1 with a view to making Conscious Intelligence a natural form of expression in their daily life. Participants will...

  • Learn to raise their level of consciousness above the white noise of conditioned thoughts, beliefs, convictions, resentment, stress, fears, and doubts

  • Be invited to role-play challenging work situations and resolve them by applying the concepts of Conscious Intelligence

  • Learn how to set up and use their “Personal Dashboard”

  • Design a concrete action plan to transform personal areas for improvement into practical skills and abilities

  • Work as a group to define what they would consider a high-quality intention in the following contexts:

> Their corporate community

> Their professional lives

> Their personal lives

Module 3
Building the foundations of a Conscious Organization: From theory to practice

Seeing, doing, living – individually and as a group – the Conscious Intelligence way


  • From traditional company to Conscious Organization

> Study, create, and develop Conscious Organization models

> Creative and holistic group brainstorming

> Virtual experiments and simulations

  • Shareholders, directors, heads, and managers 

> Roles, functions, strategies, and tactics: Review, adapt, transform

> Conscious Leadership

> Transforming individual potential into group performance

> Preventing burnout and brownout

  • The driving forces of phenomenal success

> What are they? How to activate them and maintain their power

> Values, ethics, and benchmarks: Choosing the organization’s relational fabric

> Practicing Conscious Communication

  • Protecting the organization’s vitality and flexibility

> Detecting and neutralizing the status quo’s reflex mechanism

> Effectively trapping the ego

> Protecting and nurturing organizational vitality, bold creativity, and the intuition of the moment

> Chaos and instability versus order and normalcy

  • Individual and group well-being; social and organizational responsibility

> Conscious Intelligence comes into play on a daily basis

> Giving human meaning to talent and expertise

> Quantum entanglement in the social ecosystem

> No going back: Understanding the differences to keep history from repeating itself

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We can help you forge new paths for your organization.

  • Group and team meetings

  • Confidential individual meetings


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