Traditional companies are overwhelmed by the challenges of today’s new social and digital economy. The evidence is compelling: An alarming number of people are exhausted, stressed, and disengaged, and their complicated, dysfunctional work environments have made it impossible to manifest their full range of knowledge and talent. Vital energy is draining away unchecked, causing value creators to lose ever more of their already low morale.

A shared responsibility

The corporate machine is pulling our social fabric apart at its seams. Human Beings are impacted in all areas of their lives, including their romantic and family relationships. Considering that most Human Beings sacrifice more time to their professional lives than to their personal ones, and considering that our social and economic health depends almost entirely on our ability to create value, it is clear that the modern company has to be a lot more than just an “employer.” Everyone—shareholders, managers, and employees alike—has a common stake in seeing themselves as part of a broader community with an active role to play in nurturing well-being at both the individual and collective levels. Indeed, we have a fundamental responsibility to do so.


True “peak potential”

Peak human potential is not a mental switch that can be turned on automatically as needed. True peak human potential is an alliance of two dimensions of consciousness—the individual personality and the essential Being. When these two dimensions are working in synergy, they elevate the individual to the highest levels of human, intuitive, and creative ingenuity.


A vital alliance

It is vitally important for these fundamental human dimensions to be brought into alignment and harmony. When Human Beings are fully in tune with their inner self and connected to what brings meaning to their life, they become more responsible Beings who are able to make more enlightened choices. They develop exceptional mindfulness and engage with their outer environment from a place of much greater consciousness, balance, and serenity.


Do better by Being better

What does it mean to be a conscious Human Being? What does it mean to “Be” on a conscious level? Our program answers these questions, focusing on each individual’s essential “state of Being” and the many approaches that can be taken to expand and empower this state. Participants will gain and refine the skills needed to manifest attitudes and behaviours that are personally enriching and that unlock the peak potential of both individuals and groups.

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